Wealth Management

What Makes a Wealth Manager?

In addition to investment consulting, we specialize in advanced planning and relationship management. Our experience with wealth management allows us to look at your life and finances as a whole, not just as an investment opportunity. By using our time-tested and well-rounded process, we share our expertise in wealth management to your advantage in an effort to reach your lifelong goals.

Investment Consulting

IC = Investment Consulting
(Wealth Preservation)

Management of all investment elements to help maximize the probability of clients achieving all that is important to them.

Goal Setting

Risk evaluation

Asset allocation

Monitor and Rebalance

Portfolio performance analysis

Assessment of impact of costs

Assessment of impact of taxes

Investment policy statement

Advanced Planning

AP = WE + WT +WP + CG
AP (Advanced Planning) =

Wealth Enhancement: tax mitigation and cash-flow planning

Wealth Transfer: transferring wealth effectively; may not be within a family

Wealth Protection: risk mitigation, legal structures and transferring risk to insurance company

Charitable Giving: maximizing charitable impact

Relationship Management

RM (Relationship Management)


Client Relationship Management


Professional Network Relationship Management

Utilizing a Professional Network

Our professional network becomes your professional network. Dedicated to your personal and financial success, the specialists we partner with are experts in their field. From charitable giving specialists to attorneys, we manage and coordinate this professional team to fit your wealth management needs as they change over time.

Wealth Manager


Income tax specialists

Insurance specialists

Charitable giving specialists

Life planning services

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Addressing The Complexities of Wealth Management

By necessity, successful individuals and families have more complex needs that require specific, tailored solutions. At Walker Wealth, we understand the multiple issues that come with the seamless, coordinated management of significant wealth, including:

Investment Management

Wealth management goals vary, from income production to long‐term growth to short‐term liquidity. No two investors are alike, so your particular wealth management objectives, requirements and decisions will be different than anybody else’s. That’s why our advisors adhere to a disciplined process when designing and monitoring portfolios tailored to your needs.

Estate Planning & Charitable Giving – Leaving a Legacy

For many, one of the most rewarding aspects of significant wealth is the opportunity to share it with family, a favorite
institution or a charitable organization. Our legacies give meaning to the concepts of charity, community and philanthropy.
Legacy planning is no one‐size fits‐all process. We work with you as an individual – addressing the needs and aspirations that are unique to you.

Trust Services

The professionals at Raymond James Trust, N.A., an affiliate of Raymond James Financial Services, Inc. have extensive experience with individual trusts as well as living, marital, special needs, charitable, life insurance and other specialty trusts. Under its federal charter, Raymond James Trust may serve as trustee, co‐trustee, custodian, personal representative or agent to the trustee in all 50 states. Together we can develop personalized solutions to fit your specific needs that also provide you with the objectivity and resources of a corporate trustee.

Giving to Your Favorite Charities

When it’s strategically executed, charitable giving can not only help the organizations you choose, but can also generate personal tax benefits and advance your overall wealth management plan. We can help you accomplish these goals with solutions that include private family foundations, charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, charitable gift annuities, pooled income funds and donor advised funds.

Funding Your Child’s Future

Paying for a child’s or grandchild’s higher education may be a personally rewarding use of your wealth. Options include
custodial accounts for minors, section 529 college savings plans, sophisticated trust solutions and more.

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